Monday, June 28, 2010

First Father's Day

Happy Father's Day ... Papa with his boys today!!!

Being silly with Papa!!!

I know I'm a week late but I needed to find some good pictures of Stephen with his boys!!! This was a great father's day ... well at least I think so!!! I have to admit father's day hasn't really been the same for me since my own Dad passed away almost 5 years ago but now that we have the boys it has a whole new meaning for me and for Stephen (at least I think it does for him :-))!!! When I was growing up I always said I wanted to marry someone who would be a great Dad ... you know... that guy you see who can't just get enough of his kids and enjoys doing things with them ... well I guess I got lucky because I not only married the Great Dad but also the Great Husband!!!

Fathers' Day was all about Stephen and what he wanted to do ... we started the morning with a little snuggle time with Papa and then it was time for presents and cards ... the boys love presenting cards and they did a great job!!! Papa then got to do what he wanted for the day and in true Stephen form that meant some projects around the house and then a little time in the pool with the boys .... dinner was Papa's choice so Chinese food was the pick of the day and Mama even went to pick it up while Papa stayed with his boys!!!

Here's a few pictures of Papa with his boys ... then and now!!!

Happy Father's day to a great Papa/Daddy/Father/Stephen ... just depends on what Roman feel like saying in the moment!!!

Papa with his boys a year ago!

Papa with the boys this year

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meeting new friends - WHFC, Bristol RI picnic

Our adoption agency plans different picnics for families over the summer so this weekend we ventured out to Bristol, RI!!! It was the boys first visit to the ocean and our first time to meet so many of our friends who also adopted from Russia in person!!! Even though the days was a little chilly and overcast ... we had a great time!!! The boys got to meet other children from Russia and Mama got to meet many of the people who supported us on our journey in person!!! We had a great day with a few minor mishaps, Roman gave himself a black eye and fell while pulling Max in the wagon ... let's just say both boys slept on the ride home to New York!!!

We can't wait to go again next year!!!

Max and his new pal Aaden taking a ride!

Roman with the bat that caused the black eye!!!

Roman's black eye!!!

Aaden, Max and Roman walking by the ocean!

The entire group of children home from Russia

Wordless Wednesday - June 16, 2010

Visiting with Aunt Loretta - thanks for the Animal Crackers and we hope you feel better soon ... Roman and Maxim

Playing the piano with Grammy

Wide Horizon For Children - Rhode Island Picnic, Bristol, RI

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - June 9, 2010

So you think you can dance??? I'm not posting any pictures this week because the video of the Pupek boys dancing is PRICELESS!!!! The boys were playing in the other room while I was watching the country awards I had taped from some time ago ... they came RUNNING into the Family Room to show me their moves. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!! Yes, they love to dance ... we even "car" dance in the morning on our way to school and if they "feel" the music they will STOP what they are doing and bust out their moves!!!! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roman's very first "motorcycle"

Roman has become OBSESSED with motorcycles ... he looks for them where ever we are and if hears one while we are driving in the car he quickly points them out!!! It was finally time to get him his very first tricycle so we did some searching at Toys R Us and now Roman has his very own "motorcycle"!!! He is loving it and doing great with the pedaling ... he has a harder time on the inclines but he is getting it!!! Everyone wants to know where Max's tricycle is ... he's not ready yet but now he can have the toy car all to himself and he is VERY happy with that!!!

Check out Roman riding his "motorcycle"!

Wordless Wednesday - June 2, 2010

The boys first Memorial Day!!!

Washingtonville Parade

Backyard BBQ fun with friends and neighbors!!!