Friday, January 6, 2012

One Final Thank you ...

I would be remiss if I closed this blog and didn't thank the one person who shared this journey with me ... my best friend in life ... the man who has brought me so much and been with me every step of the way ... my husband!

Stephen ... who knew when we first met each other in the fall of 2000 that we'd share so much more than apple picking and pancakes! You have been my rock on this journey of becoming parents. Who knew we'd experience so much as couple just trying to become parents and there is no one else I would have wanted to share this with than you!! Your strength, patience and above all else .. YOUR LOVE is what made it possible to get out of bed on the worst days and to keep moving forward on those days that seemed so rough. What a journey it has been ... there were some very, very LOW moments and then there we some EXTRAORDINARY HIGH's ... and through it all we shared it together!! I love you more than this letter can ever express and I thank you for standing with me and beside me through the past 7 years!

I love you!

"the pretty lady"