Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time for a shower

This weekend we travelled to Massachusetts for our first shower ... I've waited a long time for this event and it was worth it. My Mom put together a shower for family and friends in the area ... it was GREAT! Since we aren't having/adopting a baby she put a little different spin on the event. She decided to celebrate the boys and their Russian heritage so we had pictures of the boys everywhere and the menu was a combination of Russian dishes and also a few Polish foods since Stephen and I are both Polish! It was so much fun to finally share this day with so many of my family and friends and to help get ready for the boys!! We got some great gifts ... and I loved everything and thoroughly enjoyed opening everything ... even if my sister in law, Deanna, went just a tad crazy with the duck tape to keep all her gifts together :-) I know the boys are going to enjoy all the crayons, finger paints, coloring books and activity things we got to keep them busy!

Here are some pictures of the day ... we lucked out and it didn't rain so we got to enjoy a nice (if not a little humid) day in the backyard!!!

My Mom made this cake ... it was UNBELIEVABLE!

Getting ready to open presents

Back packs for Roman and Max from Grammie

Family and friends who can't wait to meet the boys!

Stephen got to help with the presents!!

We really enjoyed this day and celebrating the boys arrival! Thank you so much to all our family and friends for coming and helping us get ready for Roman and Max!

We have another shower in New York in August with our friends and some of Stephen's family who live there ... we know this one will be as much fun and my Mom is ready since our first party was a huge success!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Month 3 letter

Dear Roman and Maxim:

Today marks 3 months since we left Russia to return home to the USA without you. The month of June seems to have gone very quickly and we are staying busy doing projects around the house and preparing for you to come home! The highlight of this month came towards then end ... we got an email from Vica with some updated pictures of the 2 of you TOGETHER!!! This was such a great site for your Mama and Papa ... since you were in seperate homes when we visited in March we din't have any pictures of you with each other! The email also let us know that Max has adapted well to the new baby home ... we were happy to hear this because we were concerned of how that might go for you but Max, you seem to have done very well and hopefully you are spending some time with your brother and getting to know him!! The email also says that you are being told you will soon be adopted ... we can not wait until we can come back and bring you home forever!!! The pictures from Vica and Svetlana were so amazing ... I will tell you that Mama and Papa couldn't stop looking at them and staring at your little faces and missing you.

July is going to be a busy month and that's good because we know that the judge in Ekaterinburgh just left for vacation on June 26th and he will be gone until August so if we are busy the month will go quickly and hopefully August will bring good news from the judge!

I'm going to attach just a few pictures of the home improvement project that Papa and I have been doing to get your new room ready!!

We love and miss you and can't wait till we return to Ekaterinburgh to bring you home FOREVER!!!


The tree our friend Jason painted on a wall in your room!!

Papa and our friend Seamus (we'll be calling him Pop Pop) putting in the hardwood floor in your room.

Papa working on the floor .. he can't wait til you are here to help him with projects!!!