Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Paper Chase

Here's the latest update on our quest to get all documents needed for the Russian Dossier.

Just before we left for Cape May, I sent 25 documents to Albany,NY to be apostilled - it's the final seal we need to make 1 document complete and dossier ready! We got our first packet back when we returned from vacation. I have a 2nd packet ready to go with 4 more documents!!!

We are still waiting on 9 documents from Wide Horizon and 2 medical forms for me and then that's it!! Oh, did I mention we need to be fingerprinted for the 3rd and final time for the USCIS office (United States Citizen and Immigration Services). Once that's done and has all the stamps and seals needed we will send the entire packet to Wide Horizon for review and if everything has been done correctly they send it to Russia!!!

We will be sending our I-600A application out this weekend (this is the request for USCIS to fingerprint us) hopefully we will get our appointment time in the next few weeks!!!

Good news - we are more than 1/2 to having all our Russian dossier documents completed - you wouldn't believe the stack of papers we have!!!

Cape May vacation

We just got back from our week at Cape May, NJ. This was the second year we rented a house and went down for a week at the beach. We invited my nephew Billy (8) and my Mom to come along this year and of course we brough Nikolas (6) with us for his 2nd trip! It was a blast!!! Here are a few pictures of the fun we had. Hopefully if timing goes right we will have 2 additional guests for our summer vacation next year!!!