Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Shepard and a Sheep

Roman's school held their nativity play for Christmas the other night and he played a Shepard (thanks for a great costume Grammy). He did much better in this role than he did the Fall school concert ... he sang his heart out and we were very, very proud of him. Max got to star in the play as well .... he was Roman's understudy in case Roman couldn't remember his line "the wise men ... Maththew 2, 1-12" but at the last minute they called Max to be a sheep!! You've never seen a cuter or more animated sheep!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Spirit 2010

This past weekend we took Roman and Maxim up to the North Pole ... Jefferson, New Hampshire to visit Santa and get ready for Christmas!!! After the 6hour ride from New York it really did feel like we travelled all the way to the North Pole!!! The boys had a great time and we are definitely ready for Santa to come to our house this year!!!
The other highlight for Roman and Max was the indoor swimming pool at the hotel!!! The minute we arrived Roman was constant chatter about going swimming ... we got to see first hand "nature vs nurture", because Stephen said he was the same way when his family did a similar trip when he was a little boy!! Every time Roman asked about going swimming, Stephen just smiled and said "you are definitely my kid"!!! Another moment of "what a year it has been and look at how far we've come as a family"!!!

Pictures from our visit to see Santa at the North Pole!!!

Santa's Reindeer ... they really DO exist!!!