Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Father's Day and update on boys

Stephen got to celebrate his first father's day this weekend ... I got him a travel coffe mug that you could put pictures inside and he now has a mug for work with pictures of him and the boys!!! I guess the guys at work are a little jealous that he got a cool present but now the proud papa can show off his boys!!

We got some great news today from Vica (our case worker)... they boys are together and get to see each other and know they will soon be adopted!! We got some updated pictures and they look so good, happy and are getting bigger!!! We have sent them some presents ... one toy for each and some monkey pj's!! We got a picture of Max with his new jammies on ... so ADORABLE.

Since you can't see their faces I will leave you with this picture of the boys looking at a picture of Mama and Papa!

Hopefully it won't be long til we are back and can take our first family picture!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Month 2 Letter

Dear Roman and Max:

Today marks 2 months since Papa and I came home after our first visit with you! We have been very busy running around trying to get all of our medical visits done and all paperwork completed and sent back to Russia so we can get a court date! I am happy to say that our diligence has paid off ... we finished all our doctor appointments by May 7th and then got all the paperwork stamped and sealed and sent back to Vica at Wide Horizons on May 23rd and she sent it to Russia on May 28th!!! This is the next step to getting our court date with the judge which is very important because it will offically make us your parents and then we can bring you home to begin our life as a family!!!

We have also been busy getting the house ready for you! Papa and I are almost done with the new guest room and then we can begin working our your room. Grammy and I already picked out fabric to make curtains for your room and we have Max's crib and Roman's bed all ready to be set up!!! We also went to Babies R Us and Target to pick out some necessary stuff for you (safety gates, high chair, potty chair, and car seats) and we also got FUN toys (bubble lawn mower, books, MONKEYS and some ride on toys).

I know you aren't even here yet but you already have a new cousin ... Aiden Matthew! You have so many people waiting here to meet you ... your cousins Nikolas and Billy always ask about you and now a new playmate is also waiting ... you are going to have such fun with all these boys to play with!

These monkeys are also waiting to meet you .. this was on the way home from the store!

We heard from Svetlana (she's in Yekaterinburg helping us bring you home) that Max was moved to the same baby home as Roman! We are very excited about that because when we come back that means we will get to visit you together and you will get to play with each other before we leave Russia for New York!!

We are waiting for some updated pictures of how you have grown in the past 2 months .. we can't wait to see your cute little faces!!! The judge will be going on vacation on June 26th and won't be back until August so we are crossing our fingers that we are one of the first families he reviews in August and hopefully we'll get a quick court date for late August or September!!!

Our friends Jill and Nick are coming in about a week to bring their son Nicholas home and they are bringing you a present of new pajamas ... they have monkeys on them... we hope they keep you warm and let you know we think of you EVERY DAY!!!

We love and miss you!
Mama and Papa