Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Round 1 Paperwork ... COMPLETE

Since returning home from our first trip to Russia on April 3rd ... we have been busy collecting the first round of paperwork needed for the judge to give us a court date. All in all we had 41 items to gather and complete ... remember each document is then notarized, county sealed and the apostilled ... I think I've been all over this area for county seals and then off to Albany for the apostilles!

Good News ... documents are done and were sent to WHFC on Saturday! We've been told the judge is going to be leaving for vacation on June 26th and will be gone for all of July. Our goal right now is to be one of the first families he reviews when he returns in August. Hopefully, he will only need a few additional documents or updates and we will get a quick court date for late summer or early Fall!

In the meantime we are plugging away at getting the house ready both inside and out! We are just HAPPY to be done with the paperchase and all the doctor appointments we had to do for this round! I'm sure there will be more but at least we have a short break and hopefully we are one step closer to our court date and bringing the boys home!!!

Have a great summer!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Month Ago Today.....

Dear Roman & Max:

It's been a month since we left you both in Russia and came back home to the states. We miss you very much but have been busy trying to complete our next round of paperwork so we can come back to Ekaterinburg soon to bring you home with us! Papa and I have been busy here not only doing our paperwork and doctor visits but we have been busy getting the house ready for you! We have gotten a crib for Max and Roman ... we have bed all set and ready for you .... and there are a few monkeys in the room waiting to hang out with you!!!

Another family we have met through the adoption process is in Ekaterinburg right now getting ready to bring their new daughter home and they've said that it is STILL snowing in Russia. Things are a little bit different here in New York, we've had some warm sunny days, a preview to summer and yesterday Mama spent the day planting flowers around the yard ... with a little help from Lucy.

We miss you boys and we can't wait to get the paperwork done so we can come back and see you and get everything finalized with the adoption so we can bring you home! There are alot of people here who can't wait to meet you, we've showed your pictures to everyone we know and everyone says how cute you both are!

We know you are being well cared for .... one month down .... hopefully we will be back in another few months to bring you home!

Mama and Papa