Thursday, May 12, 2011

Big Boy Rooms

I finally got a chance to finish Roman's room and he is now in his new "Car and Truck Room" and Max is still enjoying his "Thomas the Train Room". Both boys have fish ... Max's fish is Harry and Roman names his fish Monkey!!! It's nice they have their own space and they do spend time in each other's rooms!!!

Roman was very excited for his "Car and Truck Room"

Max in his "Thomas the Train" room

Meet Harry!

Red Fish .... Blue Fish ...

When you have a pool in your back yard and the weather starts to get warm ... the question you get every day is ..."Can we go swimming???" ... You might think I'm nuts but there are only so many ways you can say "No ... it's still to cold" ... sometimes the only way to explain is to let them learn first hand!!!

Everyone is getting ready for the first swim!

This is as far as Max got ... once his toe hit the water he turned around ... went back into the house and got dressed!!! Hasn't asked to go back in yet =)

Roman's first jump of the "season"!!!

The face says COLD but he said NOPE and kept swimming!!!

He swam for 10 minutes before getting out!!! He's crazy but he will be the "fish" in our group!!!

Notice the wet suit ... SMART MAN!!!!

Okay ... just in case you think we've lost our minds as parents ... the water was about 68-70 degrees when they went in ... we had towels and sweatshirts waiting on the deck!!! Has it detered Roman ... NO ... he was back in this weekend ... the child is NUTS ... he loves to swim and when he goes in he stays in for a good 10 - 15minutes!!! He's going to be a blast this summer when it's actually warm enough for the adults!!! Max ... now Max is a different story ... he has yet to ask to go back in ... he does NOT like cold water and he won't want to go in until he knows for sure the water is WARM!!!

Easter 2011

A few pictures from Easter ... the boys had 2 egg hunts ... on at our house Easter morning and one a Grammy's in the afternoon!!! They had a blast and slept all the way home from Massachusetts to New York!

All the Pupek boys get Easter baskets ... checking out their stash!!!

Looking for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid around our house!

Egg Hunt outside at Grammy's in Massachusetts

Building a Pool!!

Can you say STAYCATION!!! The Pupek's will be spending the summer at home in New York ... no big vacation travel plans for us ... have you seen the gas prices!!! Instead we now have a pool in our back yard and fingers crossed this summer will be as hot as last year and we will get many, many days and years to enjoy all the hard work that went into putting the pool in!!! BIG BIG THANKS AND HUGS to Stephen ... he did most of it... now we just need the water to warm up and we can jump in!!!

The trench for the electric for the pool. We spent one entire Sunday digging this from the house to the pool ... 18inches deep and way to long to count... the dirt was not dirt but shale and rock!!!

The pad for the pool!!

The frame is up ... thanks to our AWESOME neighbors!

Smoothing out the sand for a nice even bottom!!!

Putting the liner in!

The liner is in!

Everyone got to help smooth out the liner ... not sure who is more excited ... Roman or Daddy???