Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer time....

I have been bad at posting updates about the boys but I guess that is a casualty to life with two active children, a full time job and trying to maintain my sanity on a regular basis!!! Max and Roman are GREAT ... full of life and looking forward to summer and swimming daily in the pool!!! Roman finishes his first year of Montessori school on Friday and is already excited to go back in the Fall ... not sure how he is going to fare this summer without Ms. Sheeran so maybe we'll invite her over for a barbeque just so he can get his "fix"!!! Max has one more week of school/daycare and then he gets to start Montessori in September and he is very excited about going to "big boy" school!!! He is going to do great but I know he will miss his friends ..Lucas, Gavin and Rian and not to mention Miss Stephanie and Miss Sherry ... he has loved his pre school room and all that he's done since January when he moved up!!! A few pictures ..courtesy of my mother in law ...her camera is never far away when she is with the boys and these are great shots of some summer fun!!!

Only one more week of work and then July off so look for more summer posts and pictures of Max and Roman as we enjoy our July adventure and lots of summer fun!!