Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall means ... soccer .. apple picking and the Big E!!!

Fall is here in New York and the Pupek's can tell just by looking at our calendar and seeing that weekends are busy with something from September - November!!!

Roman and Max began playing soccer this Fall! It's so funny to watch ... they should call it magnet ball because once the whistle blows and the ball goes into play ... no matter what team they are on all the kids run to the ball and chase it!!! They only play for 6 weeks so our first time playing soccer will end just in time for Halloween! Roman really enjoys the game and Max is having fun!!!

Fall in New York also means Apple Picking ... YAY!! We went early this year to get the best selection of apples .. Cortlands, Macintosh, and Red Delicious! The boys love apple picking and they really enjoyed the home made apple pie we had for dessert that night(my first attempt at making the dough from scratch) YUMMY!

Taking the wagon ride out to the orchids

Roman helping our friend Jason pick some apples

Getting a ride from Daddy

I love this pose ... all done apple picking and heading back to the stand!

Fall also means a trip to the Big E in Springfield, MA!! For those who don't know the Big E is the New England State fair and it's such a blast! I couldn't wait to share the GIANT slide with Roman and Max and they LOVED it ... now we can't wait to again next year!!!

Stephen made some new friends in the dog area!!! This boys name is Hunter cute!!

Roman and Grammy making a new friend!

Here comes Roman and Mama on the GIANT Slide

Max's first ride on the GIANT slide with Daddy

Hanging out with Grammy

The Big E Cream Puff ... a must have!!! So good!!!

The end of day ice cream cone!