Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Can you believe it's Wednesday AGAIN ....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Introduction: I follow a few blogs and one of the friends I have started doing a post on Wednesday's but just pictures no words ... I think it's a great idea so I'm going to try and do this each week ... to share past and present pictures of the boys because I know we have so many people out there who don't see them each week but really enjoy seeing pictures of how they are doing.

This week I'm going to do a theme of Then and Now!! I hope you enjoy what you see and I promise to try and keep this up each week or at least every other week!!!

Our first trip to Russia ... Remember the Martian Man??

Our first visit with Maxim on trip 1

Our first time together as a family on Trip 2 in October

Maxim and Mama on Trip 2

Roman and Papa on trip 2

Together FOREVER on November 11, 2009

And here are the boys today.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Max's First Haircut

Yesterday we all ventured to the mall to get our haircut!!! It was the first haircut for Max since he's been with us so we weren't too sure how it was going to go. We had Roman go first so Max could watch and then it was Max's turn. Alla (our hair stylist) gave Max a lollipop while she cut his hair so it actually went okay!!! She had a little fun when he was all done and styled his hair with some gel ... it won't look like this every day but for yesterday it was good!!!

The Before

Getting Started

Looking down

All done!!!

Roman and Max looking good!!

First Snow Ball Fight

This video is from back in January when most of our snow had melted. As the boys were playing outside one day ... Max decided to begin a snowball fight with his brother .... it was very funny to watch!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Month Letter & 3 Months Home!!!!

Dear Roman and Max:

I'm a little late in writing your 10 month letter ... 8days actually BUT today is important day too ... it's been 3months since we came home together so I think today is a GREAT day to tell you about the past month!!!

January was a month of first for a lot of things. You started going to "school" for 1/2 days on January 11th. Max, your teacher's name is Miss Rory and Roman you have Miss Jillian and Miss Courtney. You are really enjoying going to school and we haven't had to many adjustment issues ... you seem to learn something new each day!!! You started going to school all day on January 18th and Mama came back to work on January 19th!!! It was quiet the change for all of us but we have gotten into a great routine in the morning with getting dressed, brushing our teeth and having breakfast before we head out the door together at 7:40am!!!! You are excited when we drive up to Pattycake Playhouse ... Roman you usually say "Go to school today" and recently you started adding .."Papa pick us up"!!! You are learning so many new words and your favorite song these days is "Pappy Birthday" ... you must sing this at school alot because you weren't too sure about the song at your birthday but now you know the whole song and LOVE to sing it and read about Curious George's birthday party at night with Papa!!! Max ... you love to go to school, especially since they let you have breakfast when you get there ... you are a big fan of Cheerios!!! You also started working with your speech therapist, Cathy, and you are saying new words each day. Right now you say ..."baby, Lucy, Pappy(happy), NO (this is your favorite) book, juice and so many more ... you will begin talking sentences before we know it!!!

The other first for this month was all the sickness we had!!! It got so bad between the two of you and Mama that we had to call Grammy for reinforcements and she came to stay with us for a week so we could all get better! Max, you started our sickness with a fever and cold but you were better by Monday and back to school. Roman, you and Mama got sick that weekend with fevers and you had strep and the CROUP!!!! Mama and Papa thought you should stay home for the week so we called Grammy to see if she could stay with you while we went back to work, well Papa went back to work but Mama got sick and stayed home with you and Grammy!!! You had a great time with Grammy ... you got to hang out with her every day!!!

We also had our "first" playdate with another little boy from Ekat, Colby ... he and his Mom, Melissa came out in early January to meet you and for you too play together! Colby and Roman are almost the same age but all 3 of you had a great time playing and thanks to Colby ... you now realize that Papa had a broken lawn tractor on the side of the house and the two of you like to go and sit on it when you play outside!!!! We were supposed to get together at the end of the month again with Colby and two other little boys from Russia but since we were all sick we decided to stay home and not share our germs!!! Hopefully, we will plan another playdate soon and you can meet Sean and Nicholas!

You had your first snow day from school yesterday ... well actually Mama did ... they closed Marist for the day so we all got to stay home together and enjoy a day off from work and school ... even Papa ... well he worked from home but he was still with us!!!

We've had a pretty busy month but most importantly ... WE'VE BEEN HOME 12 WEEKS TOGETHER!!! You are both adjusting very well ... you are so excited about Happy and Lucy.... hard to believe you were scared to death of them when we first came home!!! You love to try new foods... pizza, salad and brocolli are some of your favorites right now ... and fruit!!! Max, your favorite toy is usually ELMO, although you love your cars too!!! Roman, you love to ride your train around the house and you love your cell phone ... I think you take after your Papa with this!!! You both love to read books at night with Mama and Papa and you are sleeping so much better and usually all night, which Mama can't THANK YOU enough for!!!

This Friday, February 12th is our second Post Placement visit with WHFC. We've come along way since the first time she came to visit in December ... I think she will be very surprised to see how well we are doing!!!

Here's a few pictures of our last month!!!

Love, Mama & Papa