Monday, January 11, 2010

2 Months since we left the baby home as a family

Hard to believe but 2 months ago today we drove to Baby Home #6 for the last time and when we left we walked out the door with Roman and Maxim!!! What a difference 2 months can make! The boys are doing great and today was their first day of "school" aka, daycare! They are only going for 1/2 days this week and when we dropped them off this morning they were excited and we saw smiling faces when we walked out the door. We picked them up just before lunch and both boys were having a great time! Max did his first "art" project for Mama and Papa ... we have a 4 sided pyramid with 2 hand imprints and 2 feet imprints. Roman was enjoying story time when we walked into his room and has already asked to go back tomorrow!!! I think they are going to adjust well and really enjoy playing with all their new friends!

2 months ... who can believe that these cute little faces have been 100% ours for such a short time!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Look who is turning 3 today!!!

I don't think it really means much to Roman that today is his birtday but we planned a little birthday celebration for today with his favorite things! PIZZA for dinner and cupcakes for dessert!!! We sang "Happy Birthday" as loud as we could to celebrate year number 3 for our little guy!!!

Happy Birthday Roman ... Papa and I hope this is a great year with lots of new experiences and reasons to celebrate!

We love you!!!

9 month letter

Nine months can you believe it ... it's been nine months since we first met Roman and Maxim in Russia and then had to leave them there and return back to the states and begin our next round of paperwork ... 9 months and SO much has happened in our lives and family!!!

Dear Roman and Max:

9 months ago today Papa and I were getting on a plane in Yekaterinburg to return back to the United States... leaving you was the biggest LOW of our first trip to Russia ... of course the biggest high was meeting you and seeing your beautiful faces and knowing you would be our sons and one day soon we would be coming back to bring you home with us!!!

So what has happened in the past 9 months ...

* we finished our next round of paperwork and heard from the judge at the end of August on what he needed updated.
* we completed the updates and had them to the judge by his deadline of September 18th!!!
* we got our "tentative" court date in September of October 30th
* we boarded a plane on October 24th to return to Russia for court and most importantly to bring you home!
* we went to court on October 30th and "finalized" your adoption to make you our sons!
* we picked you up on November 11th from the baby home and began the trip home
* after 3 days in Moscow we boarded Delta airline on November 14th and flew home to New York!!!

That is just a quick synopsis of October and November! We have been home with you for almost 2 months and since coming home you have both adjusted very well to being with your new family! You have met so many people who have been waiting along time to see your cute little faces!!! You celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and rang in the New Year!!! Roman today marks your third birthday (that's another post) and you are beginning to learn English! We are enjoying each day with you and each day you show us a new side of your personality!!!

You are the best little boys in the world and 9 months ago we couldn't wait to bring you home and now you are home with us and we are beginning our life as a family!!!

We love you!

Mama and Papa