Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Birthday Boys

Roman turned 4 in January and Max turned 3 in March!!! They both had family birthday parties and got to pick out their special party theme ... Roman went with "Barney" and Max chose "Thomas the Train". As you can expect they were both spoiled on their special day and really enjoyed eating cake and ice cream and opening presents just for them!!! Roman invited his teacher Ms. Sheeran to his party and she came... that was a special treat for him!!! We haven't really gotten into the big kid parties yet .. I know one day we will paying to rent somewhere with Inflatable Bouncies or something along those lines but for now we are just enjoying small parties with family and close friends!!!

Roman's 3rd birthday was actually his first day back at montessori school after Christmas break. The tradition in his class is to do a "birthday walk" for each year you have been alive. Roman was really looking forward to this and we had to send 3 pictures to school ... one for each year!! Luckily we had a picture from when he was a 18months old and first went into the baby home so we were close and could see how much he has changed since his very first year!!! Since this was a special day for Roman, Max and I went to school with him for the birthday walk and dinner that night was Roman's choice so we went to his favorite place .. the Alexis Diner and had the BEST chocolate cake EVER!!!!

Pictures from Roman's "Barney" Party ...

We started celebrating Max's 3rd brithday the day before by going to see Elmo and all his friends from Sesame Street!! The show was great and both boys had an AWESOME time. After the show Max got to choose lunch and we headed to RED ROBIN ... YUM!!! It was a great day for all of us and a great way to start the birthday celebration for our Elmo fan!!!

Pictures from Max's "Thomas the Train Party"

And just in case you are curious ... Grammy (my Mom) is the cake maker!! She make wonderful cakes and they are all unique to what the child wants!!!